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Richard Losee Sets World Land Speed Record in Rare Enzo Ferrari
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December 30, 2010
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Richard Losee of Sundance, Utah, set a new land speed class record of 237.871 mph at the SCTA World Finals held in October 2010. For Mr. Losee, it was a long road traveled. In August of 2006, Richard Losee, the 1997 SCCA Group 2 National Pro Rally Champion, was participating with his Enzo Ferrari in the "Utah Fast Pass", a charity event benefiting among others, the Utah Highway Patrol’s Honoring Heroes Foundation. It was at this event when Losee was involved in a horrific accident.

World's Fastest Enzo Ferrari The Utah Fast Pass allows cars of limited production to participate in a three-day drive on Utah's most scenic roads. During the final day of this event, a 14-mile stretch of closed course had been set up to give no-point tickets for charity. Unfortunately, drivers did not pre-drive the course. Richard Losee’s Enzo hit a “whoop” and became airborne at 206 mph.

"Basically, the car was disintegrated," said UHP Captain Doug McCleve, "My heart sank, and quite honestly, I expected the worst." Richard Losee was seriously injured and life flighted to the hospital. Losee was under a neurosurgeon's care for a year.

While recuperating, Richard Losee made the decision to rebuild his car. Losee said, "My grandfather taught me as a youth that if you ever get bucked off a horse, you have to get back on it." After two and a half years of tireless work by a team of professional engineers and mechanics, the Enzo was completely rebuilt at Miller Motorsports Park and Steve Harris Imports, the authorized Ferrari dealership in Utah, with supplied parts from Ferrari North America.

Richard Losee created RSL Racing and took his team to the Bonneville Salt Flats to participate in the SCTA (Southern California Timing Association) Speed Week in August and the associated USFRA (Utah Salt Flats Racing Association) event in September, testing various set-ups and fine tuning the car.

Finally, RSL Racing was ready for their assault on the record and headed to the World Finals in October. For the record runs, the Enzo was run in its stock, factory configuration with additional safety equipment and twin turbos. The team "qualified" for the record with a 221.316 mph run on the previous record of 213.176 mph. However, in order to achieve an official record, the run had to be performed twice with the average of the two runs setting the record. Unfortunately an unexpected chute deployment during the second "record" run resulted in a missed opportunity. Adding to the dismay of the team, another team which had also qualified for the record was able to capitalize on their effort and reset the record to 231.804 mph.

Richard Losee and his team raised the factory RPM limit and additional boost was programmed into the turbo chargers for another attempt. The qualifying run averaged an extraordinary speed of 237.600 mph, with an exit speed of 238.934 mph. With a quick turn around the car was brought back to the staging area for the second run to officially back-up the record setting speed. Now, as the final car to run in the World Finals, Richard Losee, on his record run, averaged a higher speed of 238.142 mph setting a new SCTA world land speed class (C/BFMS) record of 237.871 mph and title of the fastest Enzo Ferrari in the world. Captain McCleve stated: "To be able to get back in that car, the same car as much as possible, and be able to go out and set that land speed record is truly an incredible, incredible accomplishment."

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