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Richard Losee, Enzo Ferrari

October 10, 2010 - Wendover, Utah - Team RSL Racing based out of Salt Lake City, Utah took their Steve Harris Imports sponsored Ferrari Enzo to a new Southern California Timing Association World Land Speed record of 237.871 miles per hour Saturday at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The new record was set using the average of the qualifying speed of 237.600 mph and the record run of 238.142 mph as per SCTA rules. Working on the Enzo Ferrari EngineThe team had qualified for the record earlier in the week with a 221.316 mph down run on the previous record of 213.176 mph. Unfortunately an unexpected chute deployment during their record attempt early Friday morning resulted in a missed opportunity for the record. Adding to the dismay of the team, another team which had also qualified for the record was able to capitalize on their attempt and reset the class record to 231.804 mph.

"We were really disappointed that we were unable to get the record because the chute fell out," explained tuner Shane Tecklenburg of Mission Viejo, CA. "We were getting ready to load up after our debriefing meeting thinking that we really didn't have a shot at a speed that high because we are out of gear using the stock drivetrain in the Enzo. But after a few calculations we determined that we might be able to get there by raising the factory rpm limit."

The team decided to try and make an additional attempt Friday afternoon the result of which was a 228 mph pass which was not good enough to qualify. After a quick review of the data Tecklenburg determined more power was needed in order to achieve the speeds required for a record run and dialed the boost in from the twin Precision Turbo turbochargers through the software in the MoTeC Engine Management Systems which control the Ferrari's engine.

"I had to leave for the airport literally right when we made the run as I was headed for a race in Phoenix," recalled Tecklenburg. "I was changing the tune up while we were towing the car back to the pit and I left immediately afterward not really knowing if what I had done would be enough to get them there."

As dawn turned to daylight over the salt Saturday morning team driver Richard Losee, of Provo, UT, the 1997 SCCA Group 2 National Pro Rally Champion took his turn for a qualifying attempt once again. Unbelievably the parachute deployed accidentally in the middle of his pass nixing any chance for a qualifying speed during that run. However the point where it had deployed gave the team enough information to suggest that the car was considerably faster than any previous runs and so without fail, Project Manager Kevin Marsh and Chief Technician Randy Felice, again packed the parachute and towed the car directly back to the staging lanes.

Record Holding Enzo Ferrari

As luck would have it, they were the second to last car back in the staging lanes, before they were closed to qualifying. This time after several adjustments by the team to the chute release mechanism MM Enzo (Most Miles 31366) ran a whopping 237.600 mph with an exit speed of 238.934 mph which was more than plenty to qualify on the 231.804 mph class record set the day before. With a quick stop to impound and the final pass of the 2010 SCTA World Finals, Losee guided his MM Enzo TT (twin turbo) to a record speed of 238.142 mph setting the mark at 237.871 mph for the C (360 cubic inch) Blown Fuel Modified Sport category and the fastest speed ever for a Ferrari Enzo.

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