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The following articles provide photos and video information about Richard Losee and his Enzo Ferrari.
Richard Losee, Enzo Ferrari Driver
Special Reports / Road & Track Articles: RSL Racing consists of:

  • Richard Losee, owner and driver. RSL Racing Crew
  • Kevin Marsh, project manager, and crew chief. 40 years experience in automotive restoration, fabrication and design.
  • Lead technician: Randy Felice, 25 years as Authorized Ferrari Technician with Steve Harris Imports, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Engine management design, tuning and data acquisition:
    Shane Tecklenburg (Tuned by Shane T) MoTeC system expert.
  • Main Sponsors: Steve Harris Imports, authorized Ferrari Dealer, Salt Lake City, Utah
    Miller Motor Sports Park, Tooele, Utah.
Additional Crew Members:

Jason Marsh, Mark Lockhart, Paul Manukian, Elizabeth Marsh GP Motorsports wiring - Greg Pyles Specialty Machine work, performed by Steve Stevens of Eagle Machine in Midvale, Utah Additional Carbon fiber repairs and body and paint work performed by Dale Jolley and Robert Steggell.

Team RSL Racing would like to thank all of those who were a part of making this record a reality and we would especially like to say a big thank you to the dedicated men and women of the SCTA and USFRA who give us the opportunity to go out and run our hot rod in both a safe and professional manner at this legendary venue. Finally we offer a thank you to fellow competitors who have on many occasions offered us valuable insight into this type of racing.

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